Family Reunions

Capture unforgettable photographs of the entire family among the Ponderosa Pines and Aspens, bake Grandma’s famous thumbprint cookies together, launch colorful entries in your own Yellow Duck Derby on the Little Colorado or play a fierce game of Uno over hot chocolate.

Family Reunions are all about gathering together, reconnecting, and making new memories to share for generations.

Sleeping under the same roof, breaking bread together, and catching up on life in the middle of awe-inspiring nature is good rest for the soul.

Greer Glen Lodge can sleep up to 26 family members between its Main Lodge and Flat spaces. That being said, it’s best to plan for the whole clan by consulting our Sleeping Chart so you can plan who will fit where across the 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in total. There is also an RV Park with five recreational vehicle spaces that allows for more family members to take part. Should you still have questions about the space, simply reach out to us.

If the adults decide to converse later into the night, they will be safe to catch up without waking the whole household. The Main Lodge features two rooms (the Bonnie and Danny) with bunk beds and a loft trundle daybed on the second floor for those with earlier bedtimes, or families with young ones who need to get to sleep faster. Nooks and seating areas for socialization are around every bend.

Your big family can stretch out on the living room couches, long tables in the dining area, window bench seating, sunroom recliners, or the benches and loungers out on the patio. Whether conversation leads everyone into their own intimate spaces, or everyone decides to congregate around a hot dinner - the space is built to create a comfortable escape for everyone in your family.

Property management is located off-site, so you won’t have to worry about anyone popping in to break up the get-together. Area services and activities are provided by a network of local residents, and maintenance/housekeeping is taken care of between visits.

At 8,500 feet in elevation and surrounded by national forest, the village of Greer is the perfect getaway for a cool summer break or winter ski trip.The Greer Glen Lodge is situated within walking distance of the Little Colorado River amongst the white aspen and spruce pine.

Whether your family is more the type to fish, hike, ski, photograph, or cuddle up by the fire, Greer Glen Lodge has something for everyone’s tastes.